Party Wall services can be offered as fixed fees or provided at competitive hourly rates £75-125/hr.

The service is honest, flexible and efficient to identify solutions and avoid delays and disputes.

I act as a Building Owner Surveyor, Adjoining Owner Surveyor or as an Agreed Surveyor.

Please note under usual circumstances all fees are paid by the Building Owner where the party wall works are solely of their benefit.

Clients regularly ask for these services below:

NOTICES FROM £149 inclusive

Prepare and serve formal Notice/s upon the Adjoining Owner in accordance with the provisions of the Party Wall etc. Act 1996.  We review all plans and documentation and prepare and serve correct and therefore legally valid Notice/s with appropriate plans upon the Adjoining Owners. The fee is £149 for the project review and Notice. Where multiple Notices are required there may be additional fees which will be set at in advance.

By commissioning us to undertake this stage you are demonstrating that you are taking your party wall obligations seriously and that you wish the project to comply with correct procedures. Please note that if Notices do not contain all of the necessary information, or are not properly served, they will be invalid which can create delays and additional costs.


Schedules of Condition are detailed photographic and written records of the condition of an Adjoining Owners' property prior to works commencing. This record helps avoid any future disputes over attributable damage and protects both the Building Owner and Adjoining Owner from unfair claims. This report can be offered proactively to reassure Adjoining Owners which may encourage them to consent rather than dissent to proposed works. Fees are from £375/Schedule and reduced in cost where several Schedules are required or form part of an Award/s.


I undertake statutory appointments under section 10(1) of the Act to resolve disputes as a 'Building Owner's Surveyor', 'Adjoining Owner's Surveyor' or as an 'Agreed Surveyor' where the Adjoining Owner mutually agrees to the joint appointment. This legally authorises the works and sets out the respective rights and duties of each party in relation to the works being the subject of the Award. Where the notifeable works are not contentious or overly complicated the Agreed Surveyor is a preferred and cost effective route for many Building Owners.

Fees for undertaking Awards is based on a time expended basis and therefore varies depending upon the complexity of projects. However, for project budgeting please allow £875 for our costs as an Agreed Surveyor or Building/Adjoining Owner Surveyor. This is a highly competitive fee rate and may vary from project to project and more detailed estimates and fixed fee quotes can be provided.

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